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Anyone use K'Nex education

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Just looking at these for ds7 for Christmas. I prefer to buy things that can be added to and used by all 3 boys (11yrs and 13yrs) which is why we have so much playmobil and lego.

We don't have any K'Nex, never had, and I wondered whether i should buy the 1000 piece tub or go with the educational kits. I know that all 3 boys would use it and I'm hoping that the elder would help the younger.

Any suggestions?



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We bought a big tub from our neighbor a couple of years ago. Best thing we ever did! I personally don't like kits because they're more limiting and if you lose one of the specialized pieces you can't build the same thing again. I just like the giant tubs of pieces, so that's what I would go for. Make sure it includes lots of wheels! That's the most prized piece around here. I think I should buy some more. :)

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