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Longshot... anybody here drive or used to drive a Mazda Millenia

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We're looking at getting a 2002 Millenia S but can't find many if any reviews on it. :blush::sad: We're looking at using it as a second vehicle for dh so there's no need to worry about car seats fitting or anything like that.


We are looking for a reliable, fairly fuel efficient vehicle that's bigger than a compact. Reliability is key and we're definitely looking at something in the Honda/Toyota/Mazda lines rather than something domestic.


Anybody have experience with a Millenia that you want to share?

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I had a 2001 Millenia. I really liked it. No problems with it at all, and it was comfortable to drive. Plus, mine had all the bells and whistles (leather, sun roof, heated seats...cool, fun stuff).


The only reason I got rid of it is because...well...I was sick of it. That, and I was in a stage where I wanted to rid myself of all possessions I had during my marriage, so 1 month after my divorce was final in 2006 I got a VW. :-)


ETA: It was actually my second Mazda. I never had a single issue with either vehicle. I had both for about 5 years.

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