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The Activity Guide has pages references for several history encylopedias, review questions, sample narrations, history and literature book lists, maps and what to do with them, coloring pages, and activies for each chapter.


You can get it on CD, which can be nice to listen to on the go or at bedtime, or just so you don't have to read;) There are also tests available, but I wouldn't worry about them for as young as yours.


We almost never used the history encylopedias the first time around, though my 5th grader does this year. There are some chapters that it is easy to find extra books for, and some that are more difficult, but we always could find plenty extra reading at the library with out being too worried about how it was lining up. Some week we read lots, some weeks we read very little extra books. It all works good :)

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I like the activity guide because it has so many good book resources for extra reading. It also lists pages in the Kingfisher and Usborne history encyclopedias that correspond to the SOTW chapters. We don't do too many of the activities, but we do the map work and in some years my son has enjoyed coloring the pictures that go along with the chapters, too.

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