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Have you ever put polyurethane on new furniture?

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We looked at a beautiful dining room set recently and I wondered if the surface could easily be scratched because the wood was so soft. The salesperson said she put polyurethane on her coffee table to protect it from scratches and gouges. I thought that was so curious. I guess I assumed they'd already applied varnish or something to protect it from scratches and the like. Why would you need to add something to a brand-new piece of furniture to make sure it wouldn't be ruined? That'd be like buying carpet and then having to scotchgard it, right? Am I missing something here?

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Yes, we have. A lot of the furniture out there now has such a light finish that it never would stand up to our family. We had an end table and coffee table that dh sanded lightly and then put polyurethane on. He did the same to our new bathroom cabinets. Coincidentally he had neglected to do it to one of the pieces and guess what - the finish on that one is so much worse that it is really noticeable!

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