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Singapore Math 1A ?


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Hi ds has finished exercise 19 (over a week ago) and section 20 deals with subtraction. Ds is fairly good at math and knows how to add up to 10+ and subtract up to 10-. He has gotten 100% on all his mental math so far, but I chose to stop because I feel he needs to work on speed. What does the hive think?


He knows the math facts that the HIG suggests, but must still think about it. Keep drilling, right? He keeps asking to do his math books. It is his favorite subject and he would do many pages if I let him. I was thinking more practice with Go To The Dump and work sheets. We also use CWP.


I just want to be sure. My oldest seemed to be gifted in Math going in to the 1st grade at a private school. He was accelerated without having memorized the math facts and came to hate MAth by 2nd grade when he was doing 4th grade books. He is just starting to like math again after much work, doing lower levels of SM. So I guess I am just treading lightly.


Thanks for the help.



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There are other supplements for SM- depending on the version you are using there are Extra Practice Books and Intensive Practice Books so he could do those for 1A and wouldn't be moving forward but still have his math book.


We don't drill math facts in 1st grade. I do keep them in mind for in the car or waiting in line, but we don't start doing timed tests or flashcards regularly until about 3rd grade.


One of the things we do to get those last tricky facts fast is focus on them for a week or two. Several times a day I'll say what's 7 x 6- just that one fact all day long. I write it down on post its and put them around (in my car/by the kitchen sink/by the toilet/etc.) so I remember to ask them and they see it several times a day.


I wouldn't stop him from doing his math if he likes it, even if you do add drill. You could do drill every other day, or do it in addition to the wkbk pages.

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My feeling is keep moving forward. Sure play games to help cement "facts" but if he has to walk you through the "process" of re-grouping to Tens sometimes (and can) then he really has the most important skills down and "automaticity" will come through practice.


We faced the same situation with my son (who just started 2A). He had the process down cold, but he only knew some combinations instantly and others require a little mental math. I wanted (and he wanted) to keep moving and keep the enthusiasm up. We did, and that proved to be a good decision in our case. His recall of math facts is quite good, and he (more importantly to me) continues being able to take on increasingly complex mental math problems with great success, and with high enthusiasm.


My advice contradicts that offered in the HIG, so follow the advice that you will.



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