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Writing Instruction for ds 7


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We are using Galore Park Junior English. We like it. The one thing we don't like is that there isn't detailed writing instruction. For eg. one of the exercises asks the child to imagine he is one of the characters in the comprehension passage. He needs to write an account from the character's point of view. The thing is my ds 7 started whining at this point. I need something that 'teaches' how to write. We were and intend to use WWE - does WWE do this at some point. We are still on WWE 1.


If not, what else could I use?


thank you

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They lay out very clearly different genres of writing and what they need to include. They are fairly prescriptive, but it sounds as if that's what your child needs. There are workbooks for fiction and non-fiction. They are designed for slightly older children, but you could use them as prompts for teaching at the correct level.



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