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ps 2nd grader reading poorly

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My friend's ps 2nd grader reads poorly. My friend says her kindergarten teacher was out for 5 months on maternity leave and the next year she had a new teacher, and reads below grade level. She's making wild guesses about words and trying to sound them out letter by letter. I wonder if she missed some critical phonics stuff? Any advice to give my friend re: helping dd at home? My friend does not plan to hs, but is willing to help her dd at home.

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She definitely needs nonsense words to stop the guessing!


Here is the game:




She could also try my phonics lessons, they are especially made for older, remedial students and also use nonsense words. She may need to pause the longer lessons half way through, there is a lot of info in them for a young child.


I also have a written program that I work my remedial students through to help them:



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