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Does a free print out exist for this? (plants)


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I'm looking for a black and white diagram of a plant, hopefully not labeled so we can label it and color it. Something simple that could easily be printed.


The life of a seed for this would be nice too but I would love to find a flower, tree or some other kind of plant as well.


Thanks again :)

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I have Montessori nomenclature cards for a flower as a pdf file. They allow you to see the calyx, corolla, pistil, stamens, and pedicel. You can print them out and laminate them. They are for use in the 3-6 classroom, or perhaps the 6-9 (those are ages, not grades!). The company that did these is now defunct; they were offered as a free sample years ago.


There is a set with each part labelled, and a set in simple black and white. The black and white set is for the child to color in and label. They can then be compared with the set that is already labelled, which is the "control".


Let me know if you'd like a copy emailed to you.

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