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My First Week...


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Did NOT go as planned. at all. in any way.


First of all, I don't have everything in. But I'm feeling pressure to get started from all sides... the kids, the husband, my dad, the calendar...


So, I thought we'd get started and just have a "light" week, easing into it.


At the "last minute", I decided I wanted to do a little bit of prehistory before getting into the SOTW/HO I have laid out. and I thought I did good when I had it all mapped out; we ran by the library on Sunday because the "prehistoric life" book was checked out on wednesday when we went. guess what? Library was closed on Sunday. :P why? cause monday was labor day (a holiday) :(


So, that threw everything out of kilter.... So monday we pretty much just sat and talked about what we were going to do this week, this year, we put together our notebooks, labeled our dividers, and notebooks, and I let them set it all up; we moved a bookshelf into the kitchen to keep everything on so we didn't have stuff strung out all over the house...


That was about it. I didn't even get to do pics, cause nobody got dressed :lol:


So, Tuesday morning, my son had a dentist appt at 8 am to pull some teeth (baby teeth that never loosened and his adult teeth are already growing in), and then I was planning on going to the library afterwards... unfortunately, my 19 month old decided that she didn't want to go to bed when we all went to bed at 10... so she was up, screaming and crying and fighting sleep till about 1. Through all of that, I was trying to keep her in her bed and work at the same time... so I didn't go to bed until around 2. She woke up at 4 am bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the day :yawn:. so, we camped out in the living room, watching dora until about 6 when daddy came home from work, and he was able to get her to sleep and then I crawled back into bed... He took DS to the dentist, came home, and went to sleep! He didn't wake me up to go to the library!! So when I woke up, about an hour after he went to bed, I woke him up and made him take me to the library :lol: because I couldn't do anything without that book.


That was the start of our Tuesday. Not very good, obviously. I think we did ok, but I had a screaming toddler that I had to keep picking up and moving to a different part of the house, only to come back to the kitchen and forget the last thing I said, and have to take time stumbling and fumbling through what I was trying to get at.


Wednesday, we got a bit started on biology; this is where DS has a meltdown. about 5 times that day, if I remember correctly. He writes slow, I talk fast, and he is a perfectionist, so he kept asking me "is this right? did I do it right? does it look like this?" everytime he got frustrated and started crying, I would send him to his room to cool down, and we would take a break (I"m not sure if this was the correct approach, I just felt that we should take a step back instead of trying to plow through).


He had another melt down with our attempt at spelling (which I now question my sanity when I picked up the WRTR and thought, "I can do that!") and also with the timeline I was trying to have them draw (for fun! it was supposed to be for fun! and he had a meltdown because what was supposed to go under the 4 went a bit over into the 3.5 and he didn't know what to do!!) so after that I just stopped. I felt like a complete failure.


Yesterday didn't happen. We ended up gone ALL DAY with running around and everything. (I forgot to mention, to top it all off, we were broke all week, so I couldn't buy a new ink cartridge, and I was out of ink, so there were several things I couldn't print off, like logic puzzles, or math worksheets. and speaking of math, we bought into the math mammoth coop, so we didn't even have it until yesterday!!)


So, today I think I'm going to just finish the week off easily, since it was pretty much a lost cause anyway. We watched "Galapagos" to introduce evolution and they are now reading over "eyewitness" books or something on evolution, and I was going to have them do a bit of writing. but I'm done for the week. Completely wiped. and I didn't even do anything :P



Oh, and we'll be in the middle of doing something, and they will stop me and say "is this all we are doing in homeschooling?" :glare:

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