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Just ordered CC Found guide to work at home- Any advice from those doing that already


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Hello ladies,

I had spent the last several weeks researching various options. Just recently read The Core. I read several threads- more than once- and I finally placed my order for the Foundations guide yesterday. I am really excited about it!!

*My oldest is in 6th grade this year and will possibly attend a magnet middle school in the area next year. I only have him for this last year!!!! He is doing BJ math, Real Sci. 4 Kids chemistry, R&S English, Wordly Wise, Amer.History combo, Awana, swimming, etc.

*My two youngest -"second generation"- are currently in 2nd (here at home doing BJ math, MFW Adv., piano, Awana, and tons of reading, etc.), and Kinder boy in ps with an excellent teacher who runs an advanced/GT style kinder class. He will come home next school year.


Here are my questions:

*I only have oldest ds this year: what do I focus on?? He leans toward science interests, if that helps.

*SUggestions for the two littler ones??


THis is not our first year hsing, but I did not "discover" the classical approach until recently. I am trying to bring in a stronger foundation in our schooling.



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We did CC for one year, so I only have been through the Cycle 1 memory work. For your older son, you could look at each of the years and see which one concentrates on the science that you want him to focus on. For example, Cycle 1 memory work in science is Life Science.


The kids all have the same memory work, regardless of grade. So, you could have *all* your kids doing the same memory work, and your younger ones can cycle through all of it over the years - even more than once to cement it.


I would highly recommend getting the audio cd's. They are SO helpful, especially for the math and history sentences.


If you ever plan on joining a CC group, then I'd start with Cycle 2 this year so that you'll already be on the same rotation as them.



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We have just started Cc with a group, but it is very possible at home. I would use their History Cd to help remember the phrases. For the younger ones it's more about remembering and then by the time they are in 6th grade, like your daughter they will have a foundation to base the facts.


We really like to dive deeper with our geography and science we learn with CC. The family will be able to do that together. We printed out maps from the CC site and laminated them. We use expo markers to color in the places we are learning each week.


You can find the motions to go along with the History on U-tube. I find my daughter, age 5, really like this.


I hope this helps...good-luck.


Sippy Cup Central Mom


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Thank you so much...

SO the audio CD's would be high priority to purchase.....



Yes. The cds are key -- and the VP cards, of course. I also bought the Science Acts & Facts cards. We just started CC this week on Wednesday. I think it will be a great fit for us. The parents are wonderful. The tutors are fabulous. The kids were darling. Win-win all around. :)

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