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  1. We have just started Cc with a group, but it is very possible at home. I would use their History Cd to help remember the phrases. For the younger ones it's more about remembering and then by the time they are in 6th grade, like your daughter they will have a foundation to base the facts. We really like to dive deeper with our geography and science we learn with CC. The family will be able to do that together. We printed out maps from the CC site and laminated them. We use expo markers to color in the places we are learning each week. You can find the motions to go along with the History on U-tube. I find my daughter, age 5, really like this. I hope this helps...good-luck. Karen Sippy Cup Central Mom http://sippycupcentralmom.blogspot.com
  2. We are doing about the same thing. I purchased SOTW, but after doing the first 2 lessons I plan to hold off until next year, itt was a lot to devour. Now I plan on learning countries, cultures, globe work, bodies of water for our K year. Good-luck Karen http://sippycupcentralmom.blogspot.com/
  3. I have many friends using MUS, but at first glance RS seems to have great examples and lessons for a 5 year old. Could you please share your thoughts on why you would choose RS over MUS. Thanks, Karen
  4. My girls love building things and I am trying to find a good book for a 5 year old on how to make simple machines. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks, karen
  5. Hello, We just started our CC co-op and I would love to hear how you combine what you learn in CC with the rest your curriculum. I am a bit confused on how to add this into the rest of the week. We are using SOTW, but starting with book 1, Cc is in cycle 2. Any ideas? Thanks, Karen
  6. Hi there, We would love to be a part of this fun project. Can we still join in? I have a 5 year old and 4 year old. Thanks, karen
  7. We live in SC and would love to take park in this. Karen
  8. Does anyone else use Living Learning Books for K-3 for Science? We have just started using them and I love the format and can use it for multiple ages. Thanks, Karen
  9. HI there, My girls and I have enjoyed using LLB for the past few months. In level one science we will be learning about animals, human body, and plants. What I enjoy most about the new format for LLB is that you are now provided with weekly lesson plans and an easy downloadable formats. I love that these lessons can be used for multiple ages (3, and 5 for my girls) and you can add as much to a subject as you would like or keep it simple with just the basics. Each lesson has coloring and activity pages, crafts, cooking, and suggested reading. We learning about butterflies this week since ours just arrived in the mail. I like have a go-to resource that helps me select books to read and crafts to complete. I hope this is also helpful to you! This is my first post on this forum, and we will be joining a Classical Conversations Co-op this August, can't wait. Enjoy your summer! Many Blessings, Karen Sippy Cup Central
  10. I am starting my daughter with classical this year and we also joined a CC co-op, can't wait.
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