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How to Make a Nature Bag (fun and cheap!)

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I've been wanting to post about dd's nature bag since April. With the holidays coming up, thought some might want to copy the idea.


I took a pair of pants my son had--about a 32 waist. They were the kind you see everywhere, with the large cargo-type pockets on the side of the legs.


I cut off the bottom hem of both legs to use as a shoulder strap. I overlapped them slightly, then sewed them together in a long strip (so the bag could be worn like a messenger bag, across dd's chest). I set that aside.


Then I cut off the mid section of one pant leg (about 3 inches above and below the leg pocket) to use as the bag.


I sewed (by hand) the bottom part together (sewing the leg closed, as it were), and turned down the top part and then sewed it around (but not closed). I put two large snaps on about 1/2 inch down inside to close the bag.


I attached the long strap on the sides, and Voila! A cool bag! It has an outside pocket for her smaller stuff, like her pocket knife, and is wide enough to put in a notebook and even binoculars.


(And I actually have a VERY cool story about getting help to make it, but I'll save that for my blog.)


If you don't have a boy who wears this type of pants, the thrift stores have a million of them for about 2-3 dollars each. I've even considered making a bunch and selling them! I think I paid 2 dollars for the snaps--you could use velcro, but these neat snaps just seemed more "natural." I added a blue button to the pocket (it's just sewn on, there's actually a real button under the flap) because dd's fav colors are brown and blue, and it's a nice Earth and Sky thing.


HTH someone!

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That sounds really cool! Is it similar to this? I bookmarked this blog years ago, but haven't gotten around to making a bag.


Yes! It is almost identical, except I cut the hems off the bottom of the legs to use for the strap, because they were already sewn. I would post pics, but my chip isn't working on the computer--I will when I can!

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