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Math Mammoth - has anyone used the Gold/Green package?


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I'm really trying to decide on the Homebuyers Coop if I want the just the light blue package, or the all-inclusive package with the gold and green, as well as both blues. It's down to $103.40 now (as low as it will go). Have any of you used the gold/green sheets? Are they necessary?


I am wondering if I can use some of them to supplement my 7th grader who will be using Thinkwell, while my 4th grader gets to use the light blue for at least 3 years. I might need to start my 4th grade ds back in 3A or 3B as he really doesn't have times tables down at all. Anyone have any thought or experience with this?


Many thanks,


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I would just get the Light Blue, for these reasons:


(1) MM has a lot of practice problems, so your child may not need extra practice, but if they do, the Light Blue package comes with software you can use to generate additional worksheets for free (assuming you have a PC — it doesn't work on Macs).


(2) The Light Blue and Blue packages contain the same worksheets, just organized differently (by grade vs by topic), and the Gold and Green packages contain the same worksheets, just organized differently, so by buying the "whole package" you're really just getting one set of "worktexts" (which include the "teaching part") and one set of "worksheets" (which are just sets of practice problems — no teaching or explanation).


(3) The difference in price between the Light Blue package and the "Comprehensive" package is $35; if your primary reason for buying the comprehensive package is to get the 7th grade worksheets to supplement Thinkwell, it would be more cost effective to buy the 7th/8th grade Gold package for $14.50, or you could buy several Green worksheet books on relevant topics for $4-5 each.



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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

They aren't necessary but if you want more practice they could be helpful because they are different from the Blue and Light Blue Series. However, I wouldn't buy them instead of the one of the Blue Series because there is no instruction. Here is the response I got from Marie when I emailed her about the different series a while ago.


The Green are just taken from the Golden, and organized differently (by topic instead of by grade).


But the Green and Golden are NOT compiled from the Light Blue. The Light Blue is my latest work and it is for the most part different from the Golden/Green.


There are SOME problem sets from the Blue that are duplicated in the Golden/Green, for example multiplication tables exercises and many other basic types of calculation exercises in grades 3-4 in the Golden.


I know it's complex; it's because when I made the Golden worksheets for a tutoring company several years back, I used some of my earlier material.

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