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Dilemma with friendship ending

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I've been trying unsuccessfully for a year to end a friendship between my ds and two brothers. They used to play together every few months. My ds no longer wishes to get together with them.


We've not initiated contact in a year. I'm friendly enough with the mom but am fine with letting this friendship go too. They've invited my ds to a couple of bday parties, and my response has only been, I'm sorry, ds can't make it. She even changed the date of at least one of the parties in an effort to accommodate, and I just repeated, sorry, he won't be able to come. There have been other instances in which I've rebuffed any contact: brushing off invitations to get together, not mentioning a program I knew her boys would love that we attended, ignoring her request to bring her boys to our new house, etc.


Ds's bday is Monday. THEY MAILED HIM A BDAY PRESENT. I knew she'd bought something, as she told me at the library a few weeks ago (where I work). I didn't respond to that comment either.


Now what? I know my ds won't be interested. I can't believe they did this. I know they are having trouble finding friends, for the same reasons my ds doesn't wish to see them.


I don't think I'm being "too nice," as I have not encouraged them at all. So what should I do?

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