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Singpore vs MM for Rightstart supplement?


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I have been reading all the thread on Mammoth math and they have me intrigued.


My son is doing Rightstart B and we really like it. all the threads talking about level C and the subtraction have me a little worried.


Right now myplan is to supplement with Singapore (he did Earlybird before we did RS A). We are in the very begining of singapore 1A. It says in the teacher guide to memorize the math facts so we are very slowly doing this.


I also saw that someone posted that MM has a good built in review compared to Signapore.



So, can someone compare Singapore with MM for me? Or give any thoughts on which one is better to supplement RS with?

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My honest opinion?


Finish RS B and then switch to either Singapore or MM. Don't spend the $$$ on C unless you've gotten the chance to thoroughly look it over and you're sure it will work for your student.


I love, love, love RS through B. :001_wub: But C I didn't like nearly as much. And from reading this board, that seems to be a fairly common reaction. I finished C with my oldest because I have a policy about not switching curricula mid-level. But I'm not planning on doing it again with my younger kids unless I really feel they would benefit from it more than one of the other programs.


Of the other 2, MM is easier to teach than the U.S. edition of SM. I'm giving the standards edition a try this year for 4A/B because my DH really likes the idea of having SM as our spine. We'll see how that goes.

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Thanks everyone. We really like RS B I guess I need to see if I can get a hold of RS C before we move on (we are only 1/2 way thru B so I have time)


I was starting to supplement wit SM 1A, but we are stuck on the fact memorizing and have progressed so far.


I like the idea of just one book for MM, but really like the rigor of SM

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We were just fine with RS C and RS D and have RS E all ready. The subtraction wasn't a big deal for us - I taught it the RS way and then they chose their own way of doing it. We supplement with Singapore Extra Practice books, Intensive Practice books and Challenging Word Problems. They do one lesson of RS a day and then 2 pages of one of the others.


I always have RS do the "teaching" and Singapore do the "reviewing". Intensive Practice really stretches them. I didn't worry about the fact memorizing. After doing all of this, they have their facts down well and RS C really practices them alot also.


We've tried Math Mammoth several times and they just scoff at it. Even though Intensive Practice is hard at times for them, they'd rather do that than MM.


Good luck with your decision,

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We really liked RS C and had no issues with it. I've done it w/ 2 boys so far. I have just finished E w/ the oldest and just finished C w/ the other. Level E was probably my least favorite....I don't know, it seemed rushed somehow, or not enough fleshing out of the details. We'll be doing SM 5A/5B and 6A/6B which seems to be where RS left off although large sections of them will be review which is good!


I think the choices really depends on your teaching style and your kids' learning style. No one program will work for everyone. You might like SM better or you might like MM better or perhaps RS will work well. I do supplement RS w/ SM CWP.

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