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Keyboard for B-day...How to play it?


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I have wanted to learn to play piano all my life. Last night, my dear, sweet husband took me to Best Buy and bought me a nice electronic keyboard for my birthday. I went onto Amazon to look at different instructional books, DVD's CD's and I really don't have the foggiest idea which to choose. I don't want to hire a teacher. I prefer to learn in my home in my own time. Then possibly my kids may follow suit, using the same materials.


BTW, I hear that it's easier to learn "chording?", which I understand is sort of a short cut. This is not what I want. Forgive my terminology, but I want to learn to fully play all the notes. I need to learn to read music and the whole nine yards.


Any suggestions? Thanks

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We have a set of Alfred books that I've been slowly going through. We went with the advice of the owner of a local music store. They have 2 lines of instruction books, one for kids and one geared towards adults. Since they are pretty much the same, we bought the kid's set. My oldest was 3 at the time and we figured she could use them as well. I think the only difference is colorful pages and cute song titles. :lol: I've been using it in my spare time and am on book 3...just don't ask how many years it's taken me. :blush:


ETA: Here's the first book of the set. They also have recital, theory, etc. books, but we just bought the lesson ones.

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I bought the Alfred's All-In-One (adult version) for myself. I'm also thinking about going through Mrs. Stewart's Piano Method, which I bought for the children, as it has a great way to teach theory.


Do you have a music background? I could already read music, and had played violin in school, so Alfred's is a good fit.




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