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Suddenly Greasy Hair

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My hair has always been on the dry side and I always need to use a lot of conditioner. It is thick, dark and wavy. For the last couple of months I have noticed that it has become greasy-looking all the time. I stopped using conditioner and it is still greasy and not dry at all. I got a new haircut and it didn't help. I was using natural shampoo from the health food store. I switched to baby shampoo and I am using a lot of it. That helped a bit at first but not anymore. It is most greasy right after I wash and dry it and it looks a bit better at the end of the day or the next day. Why could this have happened? My face is no more greasy. I would have thought that my hair would get drier with age. What can I do? Will a shampoo for greasy hair do the trick? Should I pour vinegar or something on my head?

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I've had that happen two times. I think it is when we have more iron in our water - there is some sort of chemical reaction with something in your shampoo or conditioner I believe.

Each time I made a paste out of baking soda, scrubbed my hair with that, and then rinsed with vinegar.

Usually after two washings it was all gone, and didn't come back.

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I have experienced this with hormonal fluctuations. A royal pain...


For the moment, just plan to wash more frequently. Or, if you're afraid that will be too hard on your hair, you can just wash the bangs (or the hair that frames your face) and pull the rest into a ponytail.

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