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XL Twin bedding for dorm room?


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Polly, so the Sleep Innovations pad is really not hot? I am getting sucked into the ads for the perforated, aerated, and such...at Costco online mainly. (I'm asking for myself.) The egg crate thing from Target is on sale for $16 right now, but I already had it, and my boy has not said its hot, on his mattress here at home.


*Our* experience is that it is not. Again, we had an egg crate type foam thing and it was HORRIBLY hot! (we live in the hot, humid mid-south) I almost didn't even TRY this one, but we cannot buy a new mattress set right now. We then remembered that Costco has a great return policy so we decided to try it. We are pleased. If you are not, again...Costco has a great return policy! :) Nothing to lose! :)


If you get one, I *do* hope you enjoy it. I *do* think ours had something on the box about the very top layer having something *thermal*...but there is no difference to the visible eye. Hope that helps. :)

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FYI: Get the dc's address & put it in your wallet. When we couldn't find the mattress pad locally, we ordered it on line from Sears. If I'd had dd's mailing address with me in the store near campus, they would have shipped for free when ordering from that store (even w/dorm delivery).


Oh my word.


This is fabulous advice!! Thanks.

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