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Expired Vitamins?

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I just found half a huge bottle of Gummi Bears Mutli-Vitamins for children that has an expiration date of March 2010. Are these bad? Should I toss them out, or would they be alright to use up if I used them by September (6 months past Exp date)?

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IMO, expiration dates are a bit arbitrary anyway on most items.


:iagree: Most exp dates are a 'sell by date'. They expect that you would buy it by that date and then start using them. If they get an off flavor, color or smell I would toss them, but I would have no problem using them until 6mths after expiration.


There are very few medicines that go bad with time. Most just slowly loose potency. Aspirin is one that will truly go bad and can make someone sick. If you ever have aspirin that smells off, don't take it!

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