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I haven't tried any others, but my 7th grade son is using General Science this year. He has really enjoyed it and has worked independently (mostly) all year. He is studying the human body right now and is fascinated (and he said he didn't want to study the human body!). He didn't really like the section on "rocks"...but that is because "rocks" don't interest him. (He likes to know how things work...loved the mechanical/physics part and now the human body.)


My younger son has done all the elementary science books by Apologia except Botany. He has really enjoyed and learned a lot from them.


My oldest is doing Apologia Biology and is doing well. We are doing dissections now...my favorite part! His friends that are in an honors biology class at ps are not as far as we are in biology...and they don't like their class.


I realize that I didn't really answer your question as far as other curriculums...but we are pleased at where we are.


I hope you get some more answers!

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WE started Apologia General in 7th. Prior to that, we used self made unit studies, Apologioa Elementary, Real Science 4 Kids and other various sorts.


For Middle school, did I seriously look at anything else, no. Why? Well, many of the secular textbooks required buying the TE, and were written for classrooms. The only one I would seriously have consdiered was Bob Jones. BUT, I would have used it for the younger years and then moved to Apologia. OUr tutorial did use Rainbow for several years. My personal opinion was that is was too easy, too simplistic, unless it was used for 5/6th grade. Then move to Apologia. The tutorial was using it for 7th/8th. (We did science at home that year using AGS)


I just had to write an overview last night for the General Science course for new parents at our tutorial since it was finally decided to drop Rainbow, because most parents weren't real happy with it (for 7th and 8th grades) and we are beginning General Science for 7th for this fall.


The main reasons I really like it: It's very student/teacher/parent friendly. In other words, very self teaching. The content is very good/rigorous and what I mostly like, very systematic. Science is rather systematic (I'm not talking about just enjoying natural science here) and I think his approach to teaching science reflects that well. I don't completely agree with all of his conclusions about environmental issues (PS), but it makes for great discussions. And, I must add, he does tech the kids that everyone, including scientists, come into science with presuppositions in which they interpret science, including him. But, it's just a given. So, I think he is very objective about the limitations of sciencitific conclusions at times (on both sides of the track). I don't feel like he's trying to deny his/our own Chrtistian presuppositions, but he doesn't ignore blantant science as well.


But, that's a 'hole 'nother topic.


Just my thoughts ~

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and I love the look of it so far. Dd11 will use it next year. The reason I like it? Looks as if my dd11 can do it independently for the most part. It "talks" to the student meaning that it is written in that conversational-type language. Friendly. My dd likes that kind of text/reading. From an academic standpoint...Apologia is very thorough. There isn't much on the market (that I've found and I've looked!) that comes close to it. Oh, and we definitely wanted a Christian program b/c I got sick of "editing" the references to evolution and "millions of years ago" in secular curriculum. NO debates here...just what we wanted! I do *think* that Apologia in the upper grades does talk about the evolution vs. Creation debate in a bit more detail than the elem. series. Don't quote me on that. I could be wrong. At this age, though, I DO want my dd to be more familiar with the arguments FOR Creation and against evolution and in order to do that she must become knowledgeable of both, KWIM? Anyway...tangent. Can't wait to start using it next year!

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We use Apologia. . .and we are Christian; however, I can't stand to be "preached" to in books. (Make sense?)


The upper levels we use, and I tell you I've been hard pressed to find other curricula that are as thorough in coverage. I feel that Dr. Wile is "fair" in his presentation when he hits on his religious topics, and I like / respect that. . .and so does my oldest son. (We are currently in chemistry.)


I also use the lower level Apologia books. . . .they are "preachy" which causes me some annoyance, but I love the content / layout so I work around it.


We didn't start my oldest into Gen. science until 8th grade. . . and I wouldn't start any of my others before then. . .But, that's just because I, personally, see no point to. By starting in 8th they will finish Phys. science in 9th, Biology in 10th, Chemistry in 11th, and Physics in 12th -- if you only do one book a year. If your child is a big science fan, starting early makes sense. . .or if your college of choice doesn't count Physical Science as a high school credit (I've heard that's true of some, but I haven't actually run across it myself) then you may wish to start earlier.

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The first year, or rather half year, each dc had ABeka at first. Then, we just started checking out earth-science related library books and reading them together. (probably should have stuck with that)


The next year, we tried combining the boys with a Life Science unit study. This was a complete disaster, and lasted only 3 weeks. After that my older son did Prentice Hall Life Science, and younger ds did a very old science book.


Prentice Hall Life Science was good, but very (*very*) challenging, and required me reading it out loud, then re-explaining things, and helping him fill out the workbook or draw a diagram. I supplemented with a book called "It Couldn't Just Happen", and that was adequate to help explain the differences between evolutionists and creationists.


I planned to continue with Prentice Hall Earth Science in 7th grade, but every time I sat down to plan it, I just felt sick (science is *so* not my strong suit, anyway!). I even had the Teacher's Edition, and from their own plan (giving the number of class periods for each chapter), it was obvious that you had to pick and choose what to do. And, I knew from the fact that there was SO much undone from the Life Science book, that there was no way we would ever finish. And, frankly, I just didn't know WHAT to do.


I really wanted someone to come and plan it all out for me, so I wouldn't feel so guilty about skipping something. I probably would have gone with Rainbow Science because of all the bad press Apologia gets, but I had already bought Apologia General the year before for a look-see. So, it was here, and we were in the middle of a budget crunch, and - viola - I even had the SL lesson plans, so suddenly, science was done and the world seemed like a much happier place again!


I have been pleasantly surprised with the Apologia. Obviously, being a young-earth creationist, it's hard to review it objectively. But, Wile does point out some of the problems with the young-earth creationist viewpoint - just as he does about evolution. And, the On Your Own questions do give the student just as much "Critical Thinking" practice (if not more) than the Critical Thinking questions in the Prentice Hall text.


Ok - editing here after reading ahead in the human body sections - yeah, there are a few paragraphs where evolutionists would probably get offended. I don't personally find it any more extreme than me, as a creationist, having to "mentally dump" parts of a text that pre-supposes evolution; but, being familiar with that feeling, I know it to be uncomfortable at best.


One more note: I have found that I must discuss the readings with my dc every day. We usually do the On Your Own questions together, and I have him explain the reasons for his answers. And, I even go through the Study Guide and drill the questions every few days so that it doesn't hit him like a ton of bricks. He can read the information on his own, but he's still developing true "study" skills, iykwim.


Sorry so long!


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I have a schedule on my blog for Prentice Hall Earth Science, and for all the Apologia courses we've done so far. . . .just FYI ;)


Boy, I sure wish I had found your Rod & Staff schedules last summer! Thankfully, one dc is ahead, and the other is still in the running to finish just on time for summer break.


I really admire all you blogger-moms! *Thank you* for taking the time to post all your schedules!

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