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  1. Thank's for such detailed responses. Still not sure if I will buy the entire package, but I am going to get some of it. Thqnks again, ladies.:-)
  2. Can you help me justify the cost? ;-)
  3. Thanks for the empathy luckymama and creekland. The customer service rep said i should get an e-mail in 10-14 business days informing me of their decision and the reason. : /
  4. My daughter did not receive her scores. We called and they said there was a problem with her test. It has been submitted for review. They did not tell us why, but on test day they said she had a problem with her picture. Several kids were told the same thing. Some were allowed to test. Some were not. After shaking them all up right before the test, they started their test later than everyone else's and ended up finishing 1 1/2 hours after her cousin who was waiting for her. They are going to let us know something in 10-14 business days. She may not get her results ever! Daughter is up
  5. Thanks cbollin for so much information! Wow! Really causing me to think hard about purchasing the US2. Still concerned about the cost and also the amount of time involved with it. Really wanting dd to have more time to do some of the things she wants to do this year such as her music.:-) Also appreciate your help julie. Any other information is appreciated. This may not be allowed, but what kind of literature selections are suggested? Not looking for a full list just is it more americanlit or british or mixed? Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks for such an in depth reply crystal. What do you think of the speech component? Janet, I was thinking of doing separate econ and English because dd has already finished the history. Not sure how to do the english though. Ideas are welcome. :-) Thanks again, ladies!
  7. We have done the previous years and wondering if year 4 is worth the cost? Thanks, Kristin
  8. We have done the previous years and wondering if year 4 is worth the cost? Thanks, Kristin
  9. Thanks Kiana and Teaching! Such an easy to understand explanation that we both are wondering how she got this far in math?! Thanks again!
  10. Can someone explain the permutation in lesson 50, problem number 2. Lesson 45 explains permutations but this problem is not worked as explained in that lesson as far as I can tell. Please help my poor daughter. : ) The problem: How many positive integers less than 150 are there such that all the digits are odd? Thanks
  11. Doing U.S. history this year. We have done AHL and World. I grade math, chemistry, and easy grammar daily. I also go over any questions they had to do in any of the other subjects. I want to try and clear up any problems as soon as possible. Our Friday meetings are more of a catch up and review session. Has worked really well for my family.
  12. How do I fill it out on line? Will I get a form in the mail with a website and instructions? When I go to the ss site, I can't see anywhere I am suppose to click on for that. Thanks for all your help!
  13. I have usedthe old points plan and the new points plus. I like both. I have lost 30#'s on the points plus program. I started March 1st. A little difficult at first maybe, but very easy to stay on in my opinion. For the first time I feel like I can eat this way for life. Very easy to stay on because fruit and most veggies cost zero points. Can't get that with calorie counting.; )
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