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X-post: Could a well-read 5th grader complete Lightning Literature 7th grade?

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I think your child might be able to handle it academically. Look at the novels that are required and see if you think the material is appropriate for a younger child - I thought it was at the maturity for my son at grade 7, but you need to decide for your child. The writing assignments would definitely be doable as they are quite light.

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And it worked out fine. The schedule is light enough to be manageable. We did slow it down even more and ended up not doing the last book, mostly because we spent extra time on the writing assignments (strong reader, weak writer).


We didn't move into LL8 only because we're now doing TOG and it has a lit component.




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Here's a link for a yahoo group I belong to for Lightning Literature and Hewitt, in general. The moderators are the authors for Lightning Lit and are really great at answering questions promptly and fairly! I suggest you join the group and see what they say - just for another opinion! Also you could check the archives to see more parent questions about Lightning Lit while you are there!


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