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My thoughts on SWR, AAS, MFW, HOD, & MUS

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:driving:I just wrote this to someone and thought I would share it on the board.


I am thinking of dumping SWR. I just don't have the time to sit down and plan it out and I think as the children get older it will just be too much. I am looking at AAS. I was hoping to use SWR to teach my 6yo boy to read, but as slow as I am getting it pulled together, it isn't happening. I read that you can teach reading with AAS, so I may try that route. I am finishing up MFWK in an accelerated mode (leaving some things out) for my 6yo and trying to do the same with Adventures for my 9yodd. I am thinking of putting my ds into Little Hearts and my dd into Bigger Hearts. I have already bought Little Hands for my 2yo and 4yo. I just don't have the time to commit to SWR. I sort of wish now that I would have went with MFW 1st, but was hoping to just use SWR for reading. I am having a hard time getting things done with the baby.


As for math, I had started Shiller Math with my oldest and did not like it. I did Singapore with her some and looked at Miquon, but neither of those seemed to suit us. I started over at Alpha with her and I feel like she is really getting it with MUS. At this point I plan on continuing her with MUS and supplementing with Singapore. I had my son go through MUS primer and I wasn't too happy with how he was doing with it (he is just about to finish it up). I had bought RightStart B and am going to go through that with him (also using it with my older daughter so she can learn the strategies introduced). I will then see about continuing him in MUS. I don't plan on go further than RightStart B, I just want him to have the foundation that it lays.

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It sounds like you got an awesome plan in the works! I wouldnt focus on the "regrets" Or what if's(we all have them:tongue_smilie:_)....just keep looking forward and pressing on!

We will both be doing Bigger next year! We'll have to keep in touch!

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I just wanted to say that RightStart C is every bit as good as RightStart B and gives that same foundation for subraction and multiplication. :) SWR, IMHO, is a very open and go program once you, the teacher, understands it. I'm using it with my 2nd and plan to teach it with my 3rd next year. Guess I just wanted to pop up and say these are 2 great programs that are our tried and true here!

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It takes us 2 hours to do our seat work every day. I teach the following and the boys work on independent work when not with me:


3yo 10-20 minutes of coloring, mazes, puzzles, workbooks pages with me

K'r - phonogram review, new words 2x week, daily quiz, reading out loud, Right Start math Level A

2nd - phonogram review, new words 2x week, My Wise Grammar 2x week, RightStart math Level C


We also do the following in another 1-2 hours:

Piano practice for both boys


Bible story

History or science alternatively


Both programs do take a bit of time to do. However, I feel these are the years to get a strong base in reading, math and writing and that these are the best programs to do so. I'm seeing the results in my oldest - he can spell over 3 years above his grade level, he reads anything he wants and he really understands math & how it works (and can do mental math quicker than me!). I also think both SWR & RightStart take a bit of time to see the fruits of your labor, but when you do - look out. :) Good luck with your decision!

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Sure, I'd be glad to share what else we do:


My 8yo 2nd grader:

Growing with Grammar (we'll be switching to Rod & Staff next year, he isn't retaining grammar)

CLP Bible (switching to R&S next year as well, just like how it looks better!)


My 6yo K'r:

Rod & Staff Bible readers for Bible



Apologia Astronomy

Biblioplan year 2 with STOW 2 as a spine



Kumon workbooks - they have great tracing books, easy mazes, easy coloring, easy cutting, next year we'll do R&S workbooks (I used them with the other boys and loved them for age 4)

I also have all of the preschool activities from MFW. I just bought them separatley and use them on my own, not as the MFW preschool program, make sense?


That's it! HTH a bit!



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