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Some questions about naturopaths...

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There are no hard and fast rules for what naturopaths believe, but yes, I would assume a naturopath would be more likely to support a non vaccinating path than an M.D. Of course, if you get a naturopath who is also an M.D., then they might be more likely to have a blend of preferences.


There are no hard or fast rules for pricing, either. Mine charges about $60 for a first visit, and about $45 thereafter. I know of others who charge in the hundreds of dollars.


All you can really do is go by a recommendation, or make a phone call and ask questions. If you don't know the naturopath and don't have a recommendation, you really need to call ahead anyway to see where they stand, otherwise you've just thrown your money away.


Best of luck,



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I wanted to add that if you decide to interview naturopaths, it would be helpful to ask them what types of methods they use in treating patients. Our fabulous naturopath puts an emphasis on nutritious eating, rather an overload of supplements. She also suggests some homeopathic remedies.

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Thanks. This has all been helpful. I am also looking for one that would suggest nutritional choices. We all need better nutrition and could use a healthier diet for some weight loss too. The main reason this search is starting now is that ds needs to get a physical for college and his Dr. is putting the pressure on for meningitis vaccine which I don't think he (or we as his parents) feel comfortable about getting. I don't want him to have to feel pressured to get it. He has had all the other immunizations up to this point.

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