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I need help with writing

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Hi all,

I need some ideas for writing help for my 9th grade dd. She doesn't like to write. She is more of a math/science kid. She is taking an intro to lit course at a local homeschool group and has done several papers. Her rough drafts are REALLY rough. I am trying to have her edit her own papers and she may only find one or two small errors. When I revise them, I find parargaphs that don't flow, grammar errors, etc. She really doesn't understand how to form a basic parargaph. I feel like I am failing her. I have looked at IEW and wonder how that might work for her. If we go that route, what would I need to purchase. Are there other programs that may work better? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Maybe a short summer course with Bravewriter or similar would help? The expository essay course comes to mind. My eldest dd took this last summer and really enjoyed the experience while learning a lot about creating a strong thesis statement and conclusion with appropriate supporting paragraphs -- disclaimer, she does enjoy writing.


The course is conducted on a private forum and the students are split into small groups for the work.


This would allow some focused attention on writing without it seeming like a major life sentence.


I think the course runs during the school year too, but I find it hard to find the time during the school year to focus on just one thing.



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icon1.gifwriting programs

Don't know if I can help much but will give you a little bit of my experience with my 13yo dd. She also has no interest in writing, spelling is better but not great and she always has her nose in a book. I always thought that because she was such an excellent reader that the writing would get easier sooner or later. Well, at the start of this year (8th grade) we started with Put that in Writing 1. We made it through the 1st 12 weeks and it just wasn't what I hoped it would be. For us it was too much picking apart sentences and not enough teaching her how to write a decent paragraph. After Christmas I ordered Jensen's Format Writing. It is simple and straightforward. For my reluctant writer it has been terrific. She can finally sit and write a decent paragraph in a few minutes with no tears! We are just starting the essay portion so hopefully that will go well. Also, I started doing Spelling Power with her and her spelling has improved quit a bit. I can't tell you anything about the other writing curriculums because we have never used them, Jensens is cheap compared to some, you might want to look into it. Hope this helps some!

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Also, we now have started the essay portion and I can't believe the improvement.......I have given her 2 1/2 days to write a 5 paragraph essay........It actually was organized and with a few of my suggestions her final draft was great. Of course this is compared to what she could do 6 months ago, which was a disorganized paragraph with much complaining and usually tears. I was beginning to think she would never learn to write anything. Jensens Format Writing has helped us tremendously!

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