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Is Latin Prep teachable?


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Hi, Elizabeth.


We started Latin Prep I a little over two years ago, when dd was in 7th. I meant to do it with her . . . but life got in the way. Finally she just picked it up one day and started without me. Then life got in her way . . . and now she's on chapter 7, I think.


She reads the explanations, does the exercises in the book, and then goes to the supplementary workbook and does those exercises. She did say that she doesn't think the supplementary workbooks are necessary, but we didn't know that when I bought them, and hey, a little extra practice never hurts.


She plans to do Latin 2 and Latin 3, and I don't know after that. She's really into her hs math and science classes right now, and so I'll be happy if she just does those 3 Latin Prep books.


I don't have a Latin background, and would like to study it, but with having other little children, it just hasn't been a priority.


I hope that's helpful. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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I find it very teachable. I did have a bit of a Latin background, but that was thirty years ago and we really didn't learn much grammar. I have learned alongside my boys - Calvin's Latin is better than mine, but I can help him out with the aid of the answer book.


I didn't use the workbooks with Calvin - they weren't available when we started. I am using them with Hobbes because we need to move slowly (so he doesn't get way ahead of the school he will be entering in the autumn of 2011). I don't think they are strictly necessary if your child is quick on the uptake, but they can offer extra reinforcement. We haven't used the extra practice books - I suspect they might be more than you need.


Best wishes



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I took myself through a year of Henle before starting to teach my boys. I do think it's a very teachable program - the explanations are clear, and the people on the Galore Park email list (and here!) are always willing to answer questions about any points you don't understand.


The workbooks are great if you need extra practice, but no, we haven't found them necessary for LP2.

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