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Teaching Textbooks - Prealgebra book necessary?


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I'm exchanging TT7 for Pre-Algebra. My son didn't use the book for TT7 at all because he just entered in the answers on the computer.


So, since it is about a $70 difference to not get the workbook, I was thinking of just getting the pre-algebra disks.


When I told the lady that I wanted to exchange for just the Pre-Algebra disks, she told me that there is a big difference between the 2 levels and I would definitely need the workbook for Pre-Algebra because you can't just enter in the answers like in TT7.


Is this true?


If you're children used Pre-Algebra or Algebra, did they actually use or need the workbook?



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Yup, there is a big change between elementary and the upper levels. For TT Pre-Algebra one watches the lesson on the Lecture and Practice CDs then does the problem sets in the workbook. Since the entire lesson is printed in the workbook, I know some kids, including my own the last few weeks, that just skip the computer step altogether. It also comes with a Solutions CD and a Test Solutions CD, but so far I've just explained errors to ds as I marked them.

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