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Christmas Miracles?

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Anyone else have a Christmas miracle?


Here's mine:


Even though I changed my debit card info and shipping info on Amazon, they didn't "take." So, since the old debit card is expired, nothing went through. Since the new email address didn't "take" either, I never got confirmation. When I checked a few days later (like 7 days before Christmas), nothing was purchased! Nothing was shipping! So, I redid everything and now had to expidite shipping and all that stuff. :glare: Ok, so everything was scheduled to be delivered on the 24th. :scared: When it wasn't here at 2pm on the 24th (30 minutes before we were supposed to be at MIL's!), I started checking tracking numbers and all that jazz...turns out, the address change STILL didn't work, and everything had been delivered 2 days prior to my OLD house. :scared: Hopped in the car with wet hair and kids in jammies and prayed and prayed that someone would be at the old house AND have the gifts! Oh my goodness. The house looked empty when we pulled up, but a gentleman answered the door and said he was hanging out there today purposely in case I stopped by to get the packages!!!!! :D Praise the Lord! Sometimes I can't believe the way His blessings save my behind!

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DH, DS and I were out shopping downtown right before x-mas and it was really, really cold. So cold it wouldn't even snow. There was a man sitting on a piece of cardboard box against a vendor's hut with his dog wrapped in a blanket, begging for change.


As we walked by, I said "I need to get him something warm to drink." My son, jaded because of me, said "remember mom, this is a socialist state; people only get there for a reason." (we don't live in the US)


We kept walking, and went into a store, but I was really agitated. I kept saying to them "I NEED to get him something warm to drink!" I left them at the store and went in search of a drink. It took bloody forever, as, for some reason, there were no "to go" places open. I finally found a crunchy granola place and got some coffee that I could bring to him. I told him in my halting language that I couldn't speak his language, but that I knew he was cold.


When we got home that night, as I was taking off my coat, the ear bud to my husband's iPod earphones came flying out of the coat and skittered across the floor. I didn't even know what it was - DS had to tell me. We both just stared at it. DS picked it up and brought it to DH who let out a holler - "where on earth did you find this? I lost this in (country X) last month!"


There ya go.




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We had snow for Christmas morning! It is so unusual to have snow that lasts for more than a couple of hours so this was really something.


We were also able to go to the Christmas buffet. We had to leave our house at 11:30 and around 11 the roads warmed up enough so that some of the ice was melting and we could get out.



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