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Saving the ham bone question....

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I've been reading here about people saving their hambones for soup, beans, etc. Can I use it to flavor my collard greens for New Years or is that a no-no? I usually put a couple of small pork chops in them, but if I can use this then that saves $$$, right?


We enjoy the flavor with the pork chops, so will these taste really drastically different?


If I can use this, should I freeze it until then?




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Thanks, ladies. I mentioned using it in the collards to my mother and she looked at me like I had sprouted three heads! "Well, I don't know about that. I never did it that way."


Maybe I should just put it in the BE Peas (I didn't even think of that) and still get some chops for the greens.


Merry Christmas!


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