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Am I the only one? I need to rant about this or risk losing my mind.

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Am I the only one who is going through this with dd6 right now? I can't get her to listen. It's frustrating me to the point of tears.


On top of that, she is so easily distracted when doing her school work lately that doing 1 lesson of Horizons math is taking up to an hour and a half. And even then, she is getting some of her math facts wrong. Granted, not a majority or anything but 1-3 per lesson, depending on the day. With how long she is taking with her math & all stuff that comes with a new baby, we are barely getting any school done. I need her working on school work b/c if she isn't busy her and the younger ones terrorize the house and it's like a tornado ran through here after 10 minutes. It's like she has suddenly forgotten the rules of putting toys back and picking up after herself. Granted, I know at this age they need reminding but it's getting ridiculous around here. I'm going crazy!!


I'm trying to keep her busy with things and she will get interested in something, ask me to take out the supplies (paints etc.) do it for 4 min. then take off. She asks for a picture to colour (printed from internet) colours 1/6 of it and then she's done. I want to blame it all on the new baby and hope that things will be better in a month but the groundwork for this seemed to have started before babe was born. It's just that much worse now.


She doesn't complain about doing school, in fact she rather enjoys it... but... if I leave or I stop watching her for more than a few minutes she's off somewhere doing who-knows-what... until I call her back.... then start cycle again.


Someone help me. I need encouraging words... I'm going to lose what little is left of my mind!....

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I'm sorry. That must be really frustrating. My kids tend to escape when I am not in the room too. Littles, for the most part, do that I believe. They are easily distracted by their thoughts and the like. She is probably having some adjustments to make with the new baby too.

I don't expect mine to remember to put things away undirected at those ages either. They just usually can't do that very well. I do expect compliance once I direct them though.

Good luck!

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The baby is certainly disruptive and your 6yo is probably trying to get used to a schedule as well. Can you give her an hour of uninterrupted time, maybe after your husband gets home and can watch the baby, or during the nap that your baby is most likely to take without waking? If you make it a special time with fun as well as schoolwork, you might start establishing a good working relationship with her again... and even if it isn't a perfect school day now, it would be a dedicated start.


Make sure your husband is helping you. That period when my boys were babies is mostly a blur. I wish my husband had helped more during those difficult years. Take good care of yourself, too.

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Patience Canada mom it will get better <<<<HUGS>>>> !!! My youngest dd needed me to be with her when she was six as her attention span was horrible and she was not ready to remember math facts at six either. I was beginning to fear there was something wrong. She will be 8 in August and the math facts are just beginning to click for her. I suspected ADD earlier in the year given her attention problems and cleaned up the diet and started a vitamin regimen that included EFA's. I really believe the reason we are having success now is she just needed some maturity, the vitamins, my realization that she needed me to be there one on one.


I'm not sure how many kids you have but I know you have your hands full with just having a new baby. It sounds like you just have a lot going on and as the baby gets a little older you will be able to devote more time to everything else. I know its hard to schedule with a baby because they don't follow schedules but maybe a loose one might help....or it might make you more crazy!!:D At any rate try not to stress... this too shall pass and too soon they will all be grown... I know I have 2 grown dd's and 4 grandkids. I have two ( 7 & 10 ) left at home and was just realizing yesterday I have no babies left.


So keep venting because it helps. Smile and try to find the joy in everything!!!


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I went through this very thing! It wasn't until this year (she's 8) that I was able to leave her and not hold her hand through every subject. This was really frustrating, but she did grow out of it. Now, I can work with my 5 year old, do the dishes etc, and do minimal hand holding when she's doing her written work. I still have to check up on her while she's doing her math, but I think that's age appropriate (she always thinks what we're doing in preschool is way more fun than 2nd grade:001_rolleyes:)

Hang in there!


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