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Actually it would be nice if they were concerned about my health! But they are not. I have mentioned my health problems on occasion but usually avoid talking about it since IRL all I get are suggestions for the latest treatment options. Even then you would think that family would at least remember that I have chronic problems. But at Thanksgiving I mentioned just casually that my health problems had flared up again and MIL and SIL both said, "Oh, you have health problems?" (Being chronic, my health problems are not really noticeable. I am in pain much of the time but I don't go around grimacing and crying out in pain. Dh is the only person who can walk into a room and tell with one glance that I'm in pain - he can tell that I'm walking gingerly and am concentrating on just getting through whatever it is that I'm doing.)



You wrote that as part of a response in another thread. I just wanted to let you know I'm right there with you. Because I have a chronic pain disability, most people forget, since its not visible. I hide it as best I can, especially from my dh and children...Like you, if anyone's going to know, its him.


:grouphug: to you

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Thank you, Impish. It is a bit annoying because friends, church members and my internet friends all seem to remember even though I do not talk about it non-stop. (Actually I talk about it more online than I ever do IRL). I don't talk about it much with my parents because my dad is clueless to anything health related and my mom gets so stressed out on my behalf. And then she starts sending me Reader's Digest and Women's Day articles about fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. And none of the articles actually say anything I don't know. . .


I've had people say when they find out I have health problems, "but you look fine!" or "you sound fine" - my disability/illness is not in my throat so I can talk normally. . .


Or I had one woman follow me around at church for a month asking me every week "Are you better yet?" Hello? Does the word "Chronic" mean anything to you?! Of course I would like to get better and am pursuing new therapy through alternative medicine but I know longer believe in miracle cures.

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