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Internet filter for Mac?

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I'd like to let my boys explore a bunch of websites about castles, along with the links embedded in those sites. There's a lot of really neat sites, but I don't have time to sit in front of the computer with them to look at everything they want to look up. I'd like to be able to let them explore safely on their own.


I really do not want to risk them coming across porn, etc. at this point. I know the only sure thing is for me to preview or at least sit with them while online, but is there a good, reliable internet filter for a Mac that would make it pretty safe for them to look at sites without me?



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Thanks, mktkb and Cindy! I'll check those out.


I have never ever had anything remotely like porn pop up on my mac while my kids were researching.


I wonder if a Mac is safer than a pc in that way? I guess I haven't had any porn come up while I was searching, either, but then I can spell and I can type. I have had sleazy ads come up though. I'd like to block those, but that might be hoping for too much.

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