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LibriVox question

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Okay, I'm clearly an idiot. I want to download "Under the Lilac Tree" by Alcott onto Dd's ipod. At the bottom of the listing, it says, "Subscribe in iTunes." I clicked on it and only got one chapter.


If I download the whole thing, all 24 files are there. But now I"ve got to somehow get the files into iTunes to get them onto her ipod. I've burned them onto a CD, but there must be an easier way, no?


How do you get LibriVox recordings directly to your iPods?


Thanks for any help!



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right click the file you want and then click save target as to save in a folder you label.


Then open folder. plug in i pod or device. left click and hold to drag the file you want to the device window and release left click when your cursor/ pointer is in the device/ ipod window. Windows vista actually shows the file moving with the mouse pointer and then asks do you want to copy this file to this device. Yes or no.


Hope this helps. We love listening to recordings. It also saves time to bookmark the librivox search page rather than the homepage as the site is slow sometimes.

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