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Art Pac 3 Question

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Hi...I don't know if these are still available, but I have been digging through what I have and found an Art Pac 3 complete set - I think - of art papers, but the problem is I'm missing the instructions. These are almost worthless to even give away without the instructions.


Is there any way to print off the instructions alone? or do you know if these can be purchased separately? I don't even remember the exact publisher. How long ago does that tell you it's been?


I am selling out pretty much. So much to get rid of. We placed our youngest son in a private school that was founded by home educators; it is a classical school. We are pretty glad he's there, though it's not exactly what I would do. I would choose math and sciences differently, I think, but it's still probably more than we would accomplish. We've recently moved, to be closer to the school, with all of our belongings being delivered on the first day of school. It's almost too much to deal with all at the same time, but I'm sure if I just relax a bit about it all, it will all work out in time.


Janet Webb

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