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s/o Cute Shoes to Wear with Orthotics?

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Does anyone have experience with buying shoes to wear with orthotics? I have fallen arches and I have to wear rigid plastic inserts in my shoes if I am to be on my feet for any length of time. So, for me that has always meant tennis shoes. If I am going out and want to look nice, I wear dressier shoes. But then the next day, I pay the consequences in my ankles, knees, and hips.


I'm starting to worry that the inflamation in my joints is going to lead to long term problems if I don't shape up and start weraing good shoes more often. Any suggestions for cute shoes that are also supportive enough to hold orthotics?

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I also wear orthotics- have for the past 20 years. I like to wear suede tie-up shoes from SAS. They come in many colors and are very comfy with the orthotics, but also look a little nicer than tennis shoes.


I got a pair of leather orthotics made by the chiropractor, too, and I can velcro them into some dress shoes for special occasions. I have a pair of Pikolinos shoes that I can actually wear for a few hours at a time with the leather orthotics and my feet aren't killing me that badly at the end of the evening. They were expensive, but totally worth it.

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Later Im also having a hard time to use my shoes I feel that my feet are getting wider and its change its shape... now I use some orthopedic shoes that will fitted on my feet by Webstershoes.com


I feel relieve that whether my feet will be bigger ... I wish not .... there some orthopedics shoes available online




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