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parking ticket-I'm so mad

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We got a notice of violation in the mail over the weekend from the City of Chicago. The tickets are for things like parking in a private lot, expired plates, abandoned vehicles. The problem is that we don't own the car and we don't live in Chicago and haven't been there for 6 months! We also checked online and as of today there are 10 tickets for over $400! We don't recognize the license plate number but we did have a Ford several years ago. We sold the car to the dealership so why did the car still have our plates? It is so frustrating because the City of Chicago says that we have to request a hearing or get it straightened out with the Secretary of State. I called the Secretary of State and they aren't any help either. We have to send in a form and $10 for some kind of search of the title. No one could help me over the phone. I'm panicking because what if the people who own this car do something major like hit someone. Apparently it is still registered in our name. Any suggestions other than just filling in this form and sending it to the Secretary of State?

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Call the dealership and see if they have the paperwork on the car that you sold it to them and also if they have the paperwork as to who they sold it to? That's where I'd start I guess. Good luck! We had this happen several years back, but, it was an easy fix. We just had to prove that we didn't own the car--dh kept the cancelled check from the guy and that was enough apparently! But, after that, if we sold a car to someone, dh would go to DMV with the person and get the title changed right away before they drove off in the car.

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No suggestions but :grouphug:. When I was 16, I got a ticket for running a toll in a city I had never been to. My dad was a police officer and tried to work it out, but wound up paying it because no one seemed to care that it absolutely hadn't been my car.


I would not be wanting to pay $10 even! That is ridiculous. Could you call the police? Surely there is something illegal with them using a car with old plates registered to you.

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