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I never knew gluten could cause so many problems

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My dd has had severe insomnia for over a year and a half. After going to doctor after doctor and spending hundreds of dollars on different sleep meds and tests we finally found a doctor who wanted to find a cause rather then just drug her up. From the first visit with him he suspected that she had gluten intolerance. Even though she doesn't have any intestinal symptoms it can cause neurological problems. He feels that it really affected her brain, which caused the insomnia and and some other neurological problems. My mom has also been having unexplained problems for the past few years and just found out that she is gluten intolerant too. My mom sent me a link to this article:




I was shocked to learn that gluten can cause so many problems but it really explains some of the symptoms she has been having

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Unfortunately not yet but her cortisol levels are off too. He thinks that the gluten messed up her brain (gluten ataxia). Her metabolism is messed up along with her cortisol levels and blood sugar levels. The cortisol level should be the highest in the morning, which helps wake you up. Hers are the lowest at this time. Then in the afternoon around 4:00 the levels are supposed to go down. Her levels are the highest at this time, which also won't allow her body to make the correct amount of melatonin. We also started her on a bunch of supplements, etc. today which should stabilize the cortisol, blood sugar, etc. He is hoping that we start to see improvement within the next few weeks.

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