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Family gift for Christmas

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In my family, we swap names for Christmas. I have four sisters and all but one has a husband and or children. Swapping names means we spend $75-$100 on a "good" gift rather than $5-10 on a "so-so" gift for everyone.


I drew my sister, husband and dc 4,2, 3m. They don't have a museum/zoo in easy driving distance.


Any ideas for a fun family gift?

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Do they live nearby one of those bouncehouse/jumping places? It costs me $25-$30 a pop to take my family to one of those ... and it's our rainy day favorite place to go! A gift certificate (even homemade "use this for" kind) for one of those places, plus gift cards to a nearby restaurant for lunch ($30ish) would make for an excellent day on someone else's dime :)


You could throw in something small and immediate like a quirky pair of socks for each person (required for the jump place) and something unrelated (book, toy) for each child to open at the gift-opening - that would take you up to your spending total.


Or ditto the bowling alley; my kids loved the bowling alley at 2-4+.

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