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Athletes or exercise fanatics, are you using supplements?

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i use a whey protein mixed with Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food from time to time (4x weekly), i also take Atro-phex before my really big workouts. it's an endurance enhancer for the most part.


Atro-Phex http://store.bsnonline.net/detail/atrophex.htm


Wholesome Fast Food (rules!) http://www.udoerasmus.com/products/fastfood_en.htm


I am a huge fan of NO-Explode. I tried Atro-Phex and wondered if somehow I might be hurting my body. It seemed like a lot of stimulants and I handle stimulants pretty well. BSN recommends using them together along with Nitrix and Syntha-6 or Lean Dessert but that's a lot to do and costs too much.



Right now I am using VPX NO-Shotgun for preworkout and VPX NO-Synthesize for during and post work outs. VPX NO-Shotgun is kind of like NO-Explode but without the hit.


Occasionally, I'll drink MuscleMilk. They have great flavors.

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i've been curious about No-explode but have been weary of the price plus i haven't heard a female review of the product. i might have to give it a try!


It's powerful but I guess if you can handle Atrophex, you can handle NO-Explode. It tastes good but you do get a hit (I like the pump but it's not for everyone). Um, it does make you go the bathroom like caffeine does.

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Not into stimulants here, but I've considered trying this supplement: http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-D-Ribose-Energy-Formula-Bioenergy-Ribose-with-ALA-ALC



I've not had my stimulants for about a month now (just coffee). I do miss having it in the morning. Other than that, I am fine without them (which is nice to know).


What are results are you hoping to get with that particular product? (Just curious)

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Well, I wouldn't mind an energy lift and I'm also looking for anything that will help make my metabolism as efficient as possible. Not to artificially speed it up or give me a false sense of energy/health, but I'm still losing weight and want to maximize it, ya know? I hesitate to take anything at all because I enjoy the effects of exercise all on its own and don't want to mask any issues, I guess, but I'm *very* tired lately and would like some help recovering from my more intense workouts, too.

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