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Parenting books for girls....what is your favorite?

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Not Parenting advice, and probably best for little girls, but we love the purity message of The Princess and The Kiss. I just told my dh, my 5yo is learning about abstinence before she even knows what she's abstaining from! :) (And no, we don't use the word abstinence with our 5yo.)


For general parenting, Boundaries with Kids--not as easy a read as most, it can get verbose, but it's got a good concept.

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"Things Will Be Different For My Daughter"

"Becoming the Parent You Want to Be" (this starts with much younger children, but has informed my parenting all the way through)



Prayer and meditation.

Beginning/proceeding with the end in mind. Pray for guidance, and meditate on what the right ends should be. Then back up from there--how do we get there?


One of my main goals for my DD is to get there first with my version of every serious issue I can think of. So, for instance, rather than shying away from discussions of difficult subjects like relationships, gangs, crime, s**, s*xism, prejudice, abortion, euthanasia, war, politics, why to be Lutheran/Christian, etc., I bring them up in an age appropriate way and talk about them in a nuanced way. I look for opportunities to do this based on the books she reads and things in the news. I create my own opportunities as well.


It follows, then, that I have to back up and think about where I stand on all this stuff as well, and how to express it. And I have to consider what is coming down the road--again, I want to get there first. What will she hear, what will she face, what will make her think about talking or not talking with me? I also have to create an environment where I am in charge but where I am very approachable. I want DD to know that she can and should talk with me about the tough stuff, and that I won't go off on her if she does, but that I'm no pushover either.


I am not always succeeding in these endeavors, but they are what I try to do, with the help of God.


There is also a really good curriculum covering contemporary issues from a Christian perspective--Voyages, Grade 8, Contemporary Issues from Concordia Publishing House. We are going to go through that next year. Sometimes it's nice to have a book to lead the way.

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