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It's beginning ot look like Christmas around here

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When I went to Home Depot yesterday, they had their prelit trees up and Christmas decor out. They were also handing out flyers for some kind of show and told me Santa would be there. The date of the show? November 7th.


Sorry, Christmas isn't allowed in my house before the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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Cool!!!! I'm all for the Christmas season lasting longer. I just love the atmosphere. We've also got a cruise/land trip planned for January, so gifts will be in short supply on Christmas day!


But, yesterday I was at Target looking for some fall themed stuff for a party I'm throwing this weekend. I couldn't find any. I asked an associate and was told that the stuff was in one aisle. In that aisle?? Skeletons, HUGE plastic pumpkins and a couple fake fall leaf things. That was IT!!! But, the Christmas section was FULL and music was playing and everything. This is too early even for me!!!!

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I dont know how to quote within a post, but momofkhm, what catalogs have you received? I love this time of year and love flipping through catalogs and the only one that I have is RR. I would love to order more if I am not already on the list. Thanks in advance.

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