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Is anybody else here really interested in education in general?

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I've loved teaching/tutoring since I started helping in the kindergarten classroom when I was in 5th grade. I went to ed school, and found that I disagreed with a lot of the philosophies taught in there. That's what attracted me to homeschooling, before I became a parent.

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Yes, I am fascinated by education in general. If I won the big lottery, I would fund education research.


The most recent books I have read on education are: "Liberating Learning" by Terry Moe and "Disrupting Class" by Clayton M. Christensen. Both very interesting, books and actually optimistic about the future of education - but distinctly un-classical. :) Karla

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I'm interested in it too, but my DD has probably read more books on it than me. She's thinking about majoring in elementary education so she loves reading about it. :D She knows everything about TWTM too and agrees with that philosophy above most others and she'd definately be starting a classical school too if she had the money.

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