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Thinkwell Pre Cal anyone....

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My dd is in an online Pre Cal course and is retaining and understanding very little. I'm desperately trying to cover what they've covered, so I can help her with her assignments. I don't think this class is working for her. She wants to go into something science based, so she needs to be able to understand precal.


I'm pretty sure we need to switch.


We need something with clear step by step explanations.


I don't really care if the practice problems are complex, I just want her to understand the basics for college.


Would Thinkwell fit the bill?

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Hi Michelle,

I have not yet used thinkwell, although I am considering using their Calculus lectures for a 1 semester calc class for my older son, and I am also looking seriously at their economics. My son is using Chalkdust PreCalculus and is doing well with it. It is time consuming, and he is very thorough in the way he used the program, so he will take three semesters to complete the course. Professor Mosely is a great teacher, and my son is learning and retaining the concepts well. Does your daughter have time to do something like Chalkdust for Pre Cal? (more info on chalkdust: the precal book starts with a review chapter called Chapter P for prerequisites. Much of that chapter was new information to my son, so he spent quite a bit of time there before he could get into the meat of the program. Kind of like precal bootcamp, perhaps!)


Hope something here is helpful to you as you seek to help your daughter. Another thought: perhaps you could invest in the Thinkwell course as a companion to whatever your daughter is doing now. She could just watch the lectures in whatever order she comes across concepts in her book.



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