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  1. Hi Running, I would suggest calling the Dean of Engineering at CBU and asking about the accreditation progress. My son's best friend is an engineering student at CBU and absolutely loves the program and is gainfully employed this summer at the Mojave Spaceport. He started his studies knowing that he was going in on the ground floor of a new program, and CBU expects to be fully accredited before this young man graduates (probably a year and a half from now). If your husband's tuition exchange program works out of state, you might want to consider LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. LeTU has a great engineering program and is fully accredited. My son will be a junior there in a few weeks. Blessings, April
  2. Well done! Congratulations to you and your daughter! Keep up the good work! Blessings, April
  3. Well done! Congratulations to all of you! And congratulations on his upcoming marriage as well! Blessings, April
  4. Congratulations! I love to hear of students who have made the transition to college well! Thank you for sharing! Blessings, April
  5. What would he like to study for history? Does he have to do the same thing as his sisters? He is a great age for doing some rabbit trails and unusual studies! Perhaps he would like to do a year of geography or the history of science or something like that. Blessings, April
  6. Hello! my son used the DIVE chemistry dvd along with both Apologia texts in 10th grade. We found it to be a wonderful course - great prep for AP Chem from ChemAdvantage in 11th grade. We did many of the DIVE labs at home. We would watch the lab set up then do the lab ourselves, writing down our results and conclusions, and then comparing our results to his. We were unable to do all the labs at home, due to expensive lab equipment; for those labs we would watch the lab set up and procedures, writing down his results and then determining our own conclusions before comparing with his.I highly recommend the DIVE chemistry dvd! If you are having several of your own children do the class at the same time you could all watch from one dvd, but I think every family would need their own dvd if you are doing a class with several students. You should check with the publisher on that. I have never used the Apologia dvds so I can't speak to those. Blessings as you decide! April
  7. Hi! I think the AoPS books are marvelous and very appropriate for an adult. I would be so bold as to suggest starting with the Intro to Alg book and move up from there. This is actually something I hope to do after my son graduates in June. Go for it! Blessings, April
  8. Hi! TOG Year 1 uses the Norton Anthology of Western Lit extensively. All of the Odyssey is read, parts of the Illiad. I think all of the Aneid is read. A variety of Greek plays are read and discussed. The Sutliff version is D level rather than R level. TOG is thorough! I don't have the entire works list handy, but you can be assured that TOG will get you through the important works of history, lit, and philosophy! Blessings, April
  9. Howdy! Both my guys took the exam in 10th and again in 11th grades. Ds #1 increased his score by 17 points and DS #2 increased his score by 23 points; both of them have acheived National Merit Finalist status. Interestingly, they had exactly the same total score as 10th grades, although the breakdown was different for each of them. DS#2 was inspired by DS#1's achievements and started doing the SAT question of the day as a sophomore. That, along with dedication to strong academic performance (lots of reading and exposure to good vocabulary, etc), was really quite beneficial. I strongly recommend taking the PSAT as a 10th grader - the student gets a "dry run" to figure out how to take these important tests. My older son did not know that there was a page of math formulas at the beginning of the test booklet when he took the test as a soph. No bid deal that year, but it would have been disastrous if it had happened during his junior year. Blessings, April
  10. Hi Choirfarm! You are in Longview, right? LETU doesn't have a pre-med program, but they do have bio-med engineering and bio, and I am sure that someone on the faculty would be interested in talking to a young girl interested in medicine as a career. LETU also offers (at least I think they do) some online high school courses that your friend might be interested in taking. If she starts now, she may be able to become a Nat Merit finalist and get some financial aid that way. How wonderful that you are taking such an interest in her - what a blessing for her and her mother. Thank you! Blessings, April
  11. Good Morning! My younger son is finishing up Thinkwell Precalc and will begin Thinkwell Calc within the next few days. Both courses are well done. My older son used Chalkdust Precalc - not an online option, but good lectures on DVD alongside a VERY thorough textbook. He then went on to Thinkwell Calculus. He was very well prepared for calculus when he got to university. Hopefully younger son will be as well! The Art of Problem Solving offers live on-line courses that you might want to check out. My younger son participated in their Intermediate Algebra class - these kids were doing some serious math! AoPS class move fast and offer the students a chance to think very deeply about math, which can be fabulous or overwhelming, depending on the student and his or her schedule. It was some of both for us, but I am very glad my son participated in the class. Best of luck finding what you need! Blessings, April
  12. Another rave review! DS got a 5 on the AP Chem exam after taking this class. Lots of work, but lots of reward for the effort! DS took this course after doing a year of chem with Apologia (both texts) and the DIVE cd - excellent prep for AP chem. I hope some more WTM kids can enjoy the class next year. Blessings, April
  13. Congratulations to your son and his team! And thanks for the link! My older son is a soph mech eng student, but he has junior buddies at various places around the nation. We will pass it on! Blessings, April
  14. This sounds wonderful! I am proud of you for making your desires a reality. My younger son graduates from high school this June, and will be off to university in Texas (older son is in college already, also in TX, but a different Univ). I am thinking about what I want to do when I grow up as well. Education is a passion of mine, obviously, and I am teaching a couple of classes to a few homeschooled children (all kids of friends) this year to see if I really enjoy teaching other people's children. I do! I think I will see if I can get on the sub list at our local Christian schools to put my toe in the water. I hope to help run some classes for homeschooled kids again, but that will be as a ministry rather than for pay. Hope we can all find dreams to follow! Blessings, April
  15. Congratulations! We got the word about my son on Friday from our school administrator. DS is a finalist as well! I think that makes three of them so far from this board - hopefully more to come! What is your first choice school? DS is looking at Texas A&M, Univ of New Mexico, and Univ of Tulsa. Congratulations to both of you, and blessings throughout the school selection process! April
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