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My four-year-old dd just got sick last night. She had the runs, but felt fine. This morning her body aches and she is very tired. I have been dosing her as follows:


oil of oregano every hour this morning

upped doses of vitamin d three times a day

astragalus three times a day

lots of water and a little juice (for vitamin c)


SHe is still eating. She has not thrown up, and is starting to perk up. I told her to take a nap this afternoon. We have a co-op Halloween party Tuesday. We are supposed to make two dishes. Based on this illness, I was going tomorrow to buy the two dishes. Do you think that would be OK and not expose anyone to what she has, assuming she's fine by Tuesday and we're going to the party?

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As long as no one else is sick and she is completely fine by tonight, then it should be fine by Tuesday to take her to the party. If she is still feeling or acting a bit off tomorrow then no. Be sure to stay away from anyone that has a compromised immune system though as she may still be slightly contagious.

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