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mucococcinum unda any one using it as a preventative for h1n1?

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How do you use oregano oil? Do you eat it, or use it as a rub?


It is an oil that usually comes in a dropper. When I feel like I'm starting to come down with something, I add about two drops into a big glass of water or orange juice and drink it real fast! I do this every couple of hours until I'm better. It does have quite the kick to it- in fact, if it sits on your tongue (or any part of you too long, for that matter) it does burn, and it's not the best tasting either. It's very potent, I don't give it to my kids, but I have recently come upon capsules, made for people who can't tolerate the burning sensation from the oil, which I may give the kids if they are extremely ill.


To the OP, I have not heard of that supplement, but now I have something else to research. :D :auto:

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