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vegan toddler

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It is important to my friend to keep her 1 year old daughter vegan. It isn't something that I understand. Why would high quality vitamins be better for you than whole foods?


I would talk to her about it, but I'm sure I would come off as ignorant and cliche as people who ask us, "What about socialization?"


I want to better understand, so I can be more supportive.

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A nice multivitamin might be a good idea for anyone, but not a necessity for anyone meeting all their needs through foods. You only need whole foods on a proper Vegan diet to get all the necessary nutrients, same as any other diet.


As long as her child is receiving a variety of whole grains, legumes vegetables, and fruits she/he will be perfectly healthy.


And honestly I wouldn't talk to her about it at all. It's a personal choice, and if any health issues arise it will be between her and her doctor to address them.

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I agree with the pp. As long as her daughter is eating whole foods there's no need for a multi-vitamin. Diets differ so much from person to person and can be a real personal choice, but no one way of eating is better than another. Tho I think we can all safely agree that a diet consisting mainly of fast food and processed food is seriously unhealthy...

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