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Well, no, I haven't, but I think it would be fun.

I might start with a Christmas around the World in Dec, or, if you want to go more religiously diverse, something like Winter Holidays, which could include Solstice, Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas...etc.


Jan could be MLK, or New Year's traditions.

Feb could be President's Day or St. Valentine's

March could be Lent/Easter, or something more secular

May could be May Day, or something about the Virgin Mary, or Memorial Day.


That would probably get you thru the year just fine--I wouldn't go into the summer, myself.


I'd probably choose the theme, then set up stations so the kids could learn about different aspects of the holiday in a creative, hands-on way vs a lecture then craft way. You could touch on many kinds of learning experiences this way.


For example (off the top of my head...) for President's Day, perhaps a Look at Lincoln section. Have a few tables with the following activities--

1. Penny experiments--which liquid A, B, or C does a better job of shining the penny? Predict, test, chart, then discover what they are and ask why did it work best. Look at a penny under a hand-held microscope--what details do you see?

2. Make a log cabin out of pretzel rods, stiff frosting (like for gingerbread houses), and .5 pt milk cartons. Read a short page about Lincoln's childhood and how the idea of him growing up in a log cabin was hit upon as a way to make him appear more "like the people."

3. Read the Emancipation Proclamation (exerpts) and discover 5 facts about it. Was anyone actually freed by it?

Do the same for Washington and for our current president, Obama. So, probably 10 activities in all--give them enough time to pick 5 or 6 (or more, if they have time). Have them share briefly (10 minutes) at the end.


I think, if you planned it well and had help, it could be really fun! Be sure to decide what you are doing for each session before you have people sign up. I'd also have parents be required to help at least 2ce. Count the cost, too--figuring out things ahead of time means knowing how much material fee to charge.

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