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What are your favorite Ancient Egypt /Mummies / Pyramid books for 5th-9th grade age

Michelle My Bell

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Here are 4 that we have liked. The first 2 are library books ds enjoyed a lot because they were funny & disgusting. The mummy one was very interesting to him because of its gross nature. ;) He wrote a paper for me on mummies and the mummy-making process after reading that book. The second two I own. The Ancient Egypt book has a lot of very involved projects but some that you can simplify.


You wouldn't want to be an Egyptian mummy : disgusting things you'd rather not know!

Stewart, David (David Evelyn), 1950-


You wouldn't want to be a pyramid builder! : a hazardous job you'd rather not have

Morley, Jacqueline.


Ancient Egypt (Make it Work! History)


The Usborne Time Traveler Pharaohs & Pyramids

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