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Dog training help!

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My Weim has gotten into a crazy licking habit - he "loves" us with his mouth - he used to put his teeth on us and nibble, laid off that for awhile and now hes crazy with licking any part of us he can reach. Its driving me crazy. He is a very hands on....ummm, NOSE on kind of guy, has his face in everything, very, very curious. But the licking...oy!!!!


I can not think of a way to stop him. I know he does it as an extension of his love, but really...



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Guest lenasmommy

We had an amazing pet trainer for our new dog, and I used his philosophy when she would go nuts when the girls were in the pool. Whining constantly! Positive reinforcement worked amazingly quickly. When she would whine I would say quiet. Then as soon as she was quiet I would praise her... so using this analogy, I would push my dog's head away gently when s/he licked me and say something like "thank you" and then if you could praise him as soon as he moved away, even reinforcing with treats. Do this for 3-5 minutes at a time so he gets the message that moving away from you gets rewarded.


Good luck; they are so cute, but can be so annoying too!


I'd be interested if you try this and how it goes.

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Some strategies:


-ignore him when he does it & praise when he's with you but not doing it.

-freeze the moment he does it - all play & interaction stops. Some sensitive dogs will 'get it' - I suspect your weim might. Labs often don't ...in case the dog doesn't get it that you're not happy with this attention, use doggy language: turn your head and torso away from the dog, like you're giving him the 'cold shoulder'. If you don't already feel totally silly, as you're turning give a big (but silent) yawn with your mouth. Dogs yawn at each other to calm each other down. If he sees you yawn, he may clue in that he's making you tense. Normally they'll back off. If he persists, get up and walk away. No fuss, no yelling, just get up. Sit back down within moments and see what he does. If he's not bugging you, give him some praise, give him a couple commands, put him in a down stay, then throw him a toy etc. Then you can pet him and just hang out and see what he does. If he starts up the licking again, start again: cold shoulder, physically turn away, if necessary stand up and step away for a few moments and come back. Do everything slowly and deliberately, no fast jerking movements and exaggerate the motions. He just needs to learn to interact differently with you



-another strategy people use with annoying bhvr is to put the bhvr on cue. Teach him to lick on command. Some dogs are less likely to do a bhvr once it's on command. If he starts doing it, you can interrupt him with another command : SIT! Give me a paw! Lick (offer your hand)! Good boy! Down.


-I'd institute Leading the Dance techniques


-give him lots of attention in other ways


-some dogs are just dorks when they do this but for some it's a sign of anxiety. In that case I'd focus on lots of calm, consistent training. This is very hard but anxious dogs need you to be very consistent. Patterns of behaviour will be very important for them. Increase exercise but make sure it's the kind that is relaxing and tiring, not anxiety provoking (like dog parks for ex can be for some dogs). Work in some doggy massage & relaxation into the day & teach the dog to settle calmly - perhaps with a stuffed and frozen kong.


best wishes!

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I can try and reward him when he is not doing it...he is VERY interested in food, but he is not...very...smart. He may not connect the dots.


I can try to ignore him, which I do now, but I end up having to shove him off me or out of my face (no matter how many knees to the chest) and saying "No licking!" Maybe if I dont say anything. No eye contact.


I'll try freezing. I think he will just be thrilled that he can lick me unencumbered...


Anyway - anything is worth a shot - thanks gals :D

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